Do You Hear What I Hear?

office organization productivity Nov 26, 2023

Calling all my friends who work with paper in their work! That’s almost everyone, right?! A lot of us get stuck at this time of the year trying to finish out the year strong while searching for “the perfect” solution we can jump into January 1 that will solve all of our “problems”. 

I hear you and feel your pain. I truly want to help you with purposeful progress in organizing your daily tasks WHILE eliminating your paper piles. 

For only 10 people. Just 10. I’m opening up my Piles to Files course WITH live coaching with me! 

We’ll begin January 10 and meet each week for 1 hour for the “how to” and “why” followed by lots of time to work with me live as you do the work all with community and accountability. During our 6 weeks together we will start from where you are and work through setting up your system, eliminating paper piles, and personalizing your system so that from the minute our time together is done you’re super confident and comfortable with it. Kind of like you’ve always used it! 

This is for you if you:

  • Transitioned to a remote worker who is new to their own workspace and wants to get started on the right foot.
  • Are a seasoned entrepreneur who's ready to take their business to a new level by creating more time in their day.
  • Are a parent who has things under control (most of the time), but wants to learn how to bring their personal and business tasks together.

Please know, however, this is not for everyone. This is NOT the group for: 

  • Whiners – because we’re going to work.
  • Someone addicted to asking questions but not doing the work – because we’re going to work. 
  • Negative nellies – because we’re going to work.

If you believe 6 hours working with me, is just what you need to really reach your goal of organizing your daily tasks through purposeful progress, here are all the details.