A proven step by step system to integrate into your daily routine

A Custom Tool to Keep You Organized & Inspired                WITH COACHING SUPPORT


This newly updated program (formerly known as The Hagan Solution) is a step by step approach that will take you from feeling embarrassed and frustrated in your office paper chaos to feeling organized and confident in your ability to quickly identify when tasks are due and easily complete tasks while increasing your productivity.

Let's make sure you're a good fit for this group coaching option.

With this option we'll work together as a community to work through each lesson of the Piles to Files Course. You'' receive all of the materials from the self-paced option PLUS live coaching with me to ensure you get the most of the course., keep you motivated and organized.

We begin meeting via our online platform on January 10th  and continue weekly until February 14th. We'll do one follow up call on February 28th to button up any questions you may have.

Imagine having your paper and your office organized before the holidays and ready to take on the world right after the new years starts!

You're a right fit for Piles to Files if you have recently moved to your home office, want a smoother work day experience, are slightly buried in your paper piles or just don't know where to start and want to get organized with more time for your family in your day.

From Piles to Files coaching option is right for if you enjoy diving right in, learning from reading and video options and would like the support of group coaching. If you want to take control of the paper in your workspace, have daily tasks at your fingertips allowing for more creativity and productivity, and to integrate your business and personal paperwork into one simple to create system that adapts as you need it to - this is for you!

If you...

  • Transitioned to a remote worker who is new to their own workspace and wants to get started on the  right foot
  • Are a seasoned entrepreneur who's ready to take their business to a new level by creating more time in their day.
  • Are a parent who has things under control (most of the time), but wants to learn how to bring their personal and business tasks together

You're in the right place!

From Piles to Files is a step by step approach that will take you from feeling embarrassed and frustrated in your office paper chaos, to feeling organized and confident in your ability to quickly identify when tasks are due and easily complete them, while increasing your productivity.

By the end of this course you will have...

1. Set up your system

with the supplies you need, decide where the best location is for you to set up your system (based on your needs and space), and prepare you for change.

2. Give you the tools 

and guide you to success by walking with you through the "thick of things" while we make the tough decisions and customize your file system to your needs.

3. Create your daily routine

by establishing what your file system will look like and what it will contain. Your workspace will already be different!                                                                        

4. Form a habit

by reinforcing your daily routine and introducing the most beneficial principle you will learn throughout the course (*that you can use ANYWHERE).

5. Bring mental clarity

by knowing exactly what tasks to start your day with, and projects to be tackled throughout the day, and ending your day by prepping for the next work day.

6. Wrap Up

your day, week, and month using the step by step process, checklists and tools you've learned to continue your system. Learn to customize your system to adapt with you.

What Our Students Are Saying


  • "Did you ever have that pile of papers that is constantly being moved from place to place to go through "tomorrow"? If so, you need Piled to Files! You will not only learn how to finally tackle that big pile, but Tiffny will help you decide what you really need to keep and help you come up with a nice and tidy home for each paper to go to! You will never forget someone's birthday or forget to send in those school permission slips again!"


  • "Before I started the Piles to Files course, I could not find my desk! Everything was haphazardly stacked, and any time I needed to reference something, it was like a great archaeological dig site! After taking the Piles to Files course, I had a system in place so that I had a spot for each piece of incoming paper. I could easily find important documents and day to day work. I feel empowered to be able to take charge of the paper piles and I am happy to report that my desk has stayed (mostly) clean for going on 8 weeks now! A definite victory in my book. Highly recommend the Piles to Files course!"


  • "I learned a lot and will be implementing many of Tiffny’s suggestions. Videos are fairly short and informative. The real work begins in your own file box. You can tailor this system to your own situation."


  • "Piles to Files leaves you feeling organized and ready to take on each day with a plan. You’re able to access papers/information easily when you need it, without the hassle of going through piles. It also helps you stay on top of deadlines. It’s worth the time and money investment."

Plus You'll be Backed by a 14 Day Guarantee

Work the Piles to Files System and give it your all. If after Lesson 2 - or 14 days from the date of purchase, which ever comes first - reach out to us. We will do our best to help you overcome your hurdle so you are able to continue on. If we aren't able to help you work through your hurdles, we will offer your money back.

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With Group Coaching

  • Written Instruction for each Lesson
  • Videos that explain & show each Lesson step by step
  • Worksheets that help you make decisions and get focused.
  • AND….6 weeks of LIVE coaching with me throughout the course so you can ask any questions you may have. I can help customize solutions for you and we’ll have great community to help stay motivated. We will begin on  January 10, 2024.
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