Virtual Office Advantage is a creative blend of experience and natural strengths to serve you by providing office organization, structure, and flow for your business.

I'm Tiffny Hagan...

Over twenty years ago I founded Virtual Office Advantage to help clients get control of their time and help them look and feel good about their business through creative and custom solutions.  We provide organization, structure and flow. My goal is always to allow my clients to have the freedom they need to shine doing what they do best in their business, while handling all of the tiny details with ease. I help build their confidence and peace of mind which spills into other areas of their lives, including family, self care and other personal relationships.

My vision is a world where business professionals are showing up and performing their best possible selves. They have a shifted mindset and clear systems in place that allow them to meld family and work life. They have a flow and margin in their days, and Virtual Office Advantage is their trusted partner who they allow to handle the details and take the weight off their shoulders. 


I'm Tiffny Hagan...


Since 2003, my family has served as my test subjects as to what works (and often what doesn't) in blending family with our home based business.  

Technically, I am a college educated professional who served high level CEOs before starting off on my own. In 2003, I took those high level administrative skills and began helping business owners and non-profits realize their goals. 

Really, I am a monther of two truly awesome children, a proud wife of a wonderful man (who happens to be my business partner), and founder/owner of Virtual Office Advantage.

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