Your Monday You Will Thank Your Friday You

businesstips office organization productivity Sep 07, 2023
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Fridays have a certain feeling about them. There is something exciting, fun, and positive about them. I would encourage you to take this energy and bottle it up to start next week. Yuck, Monday! Without being a buzzkill, there are a few things that you can do to start the week off more calmly, prepared, and efficiently. 

In a word, we’re going to prepare. We’re going to use the energy we have Friday afternoons and prepare for Monday. Do yourself a favor and trust me on this. Take 15-20 minutes now. Monday you will thank Friday you

Begin with the basics. By that, I mean: Clear your desk of any paperwork (if you’d like a great system for this, check out my Piles to Files system), collect to-do lists or phone messages you need to return and put them in one area, close all of the apps on your computer (after all, it needs a fresh start too), put away any equipment used today but will not need Monday, store binders, recycle/shred/empty trash.

Next, take some time to look over your calendar for the next week and update it with any tasks, appointments, or meetings. Be sure to take out any cancellations et cetera. As you’re looking at your calendar for the next week, it’s a really great opportunity to make some quick notes as to what needs to be done to prep for the week. This step is one that I LOVE because by moving it from your brain to a list, you slow the internal conversations of “I have so much to do” and stop the worry that somehow, you’re forgetting something. Free up the creative energy and write it down. 

Once you’ve looked at your week, stop and pay attention to Monday. Mondays usually get a bad wrap because we “aren’t ready for them." Treat Monday as if it were tomorrow. Have you confirmed the meeting, sent the emails, reviewed your next steps….whatever it is that allows you to hit the ground running on Monday? If not, now is your chance to tie up loose ends. If so, good for you! I have one more tip.

Sunday. When my kids were in pre-school, there was a teacher who encouraged the parents to get ready the night before. Everything. Get everything ready the night before. Double check the backpack, pack it up and put it by the door, lay out the clothes and shoes and talk about breakfast on Sunday night. They talked about what a game changer would be for attitudes, patience, and excitement on Mondays.  They were right! So right that I began adopting this for myself. 

I’m not a huge fan of Sunday evenings. I never really have been. My energy is lower, and I’ll admit, I’m a little bummed about the weekend being over. But my Sunday evenings began to look different when I took a little time and prepared for Monday. The bare minimum I do is to check my schedule for Monday. Remind yourself of what’s coming, that you’ve written down what needs to be done, and the morning will be calm, prepared, and efficient. Even if you are working from home, do this! Take out the clothes you’re going to wear, your favorite coffee/teacup, and calendar. 

Monday will go so much more smoothly when you don’t have to make all those decisions and you can step into your day knowing you’re ready for it. Turn on your computer, open those apps, get out your list and calendar and take on the day. Prepare for Monday on Friday. Your Monday you will thank your Friday you!

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