When it's time for Community

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Communities can significantly contribute to the success and growth of small businesses. They can play a vital role in supporting small business owners by giving access to resources and expertise, emotional support, validation and feedback, collaboration opportunities, access to exclusive perks, and accountability. 

Small business owners are usually experts in their field of products or services. But where we sometimes struggle is working alone or with a very small team. Being part of a community can be crucial for small business owners. There are benefits to being part of a community:

  • Networking Opportunities with other small business owners.
  • Access to Resources and Expertise that can be leveraged to learn new skills and receive guidance. 
  • Support and Encouragement where entrepreneurs can share experiences, challenges and successes in a trusted space.
  • Validation and Feedback from a trusted audience.
  • Access to Exclusive Opportunities like perks, discounts, or opportunities not available anywhere else. 
  • Accountability and Motivation are two main reasons for small business owners to become part of a community. Setting, reaching, holding each other accountable on goals help them stay focused, motivated, and accountable for their business growth.

There are many membership communities available depending on goals, niche, industries, as well as how small business owners may absorb information. Know your goals and what you're looking for before you start looking for a membership community and be sure to ask all the questions you have before you get started. 

Attached is information on a membership community I coach in along with my long-time friend and colleague, Rebekah Scott.  It's called the Clarity Blueprint. What I love about it is both Rebekah and I believe that our business should harmonize with our family life. The Clarity Blueprint is a monthly membership community with Tiffny Hagan & Rebekah Scott that moves you from information overload to purposeful progress in both your business & personal life in small consumable bites. Check it out and ask questions. You'll be so glad you did! 

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