Top 5 Reasons Why your Where Matters

Jul 17, 2023

As you may know, I own a virtual assistant business. This year marks 20 years in business! One thing that I get asked a lot is do if I work from lots of different places. I can honestly say spend 90% of my time in my home office. Today I'm going to give you the top five reasons Why where you work matters.

A designated workspace can do quite a lot for you professionally and personally. We’re talking about your workspace and why having a designated workspace is important.

Number 5: Your dedicated workspace can make your job and your day more joyful. When you’re able to come into a dedicated space, sit down with all of your office supplies & technology to get working,

Without a dedicated workspace, there is some level of stress involved just to get ready to work. Pulling out your laptop, papers, office supplies. It can strip your joy before your workday even begins.

Number 4: Having a dedicated workspace helps keep things professional. That doesn’t necessarily mean “stuffy” (unless that’s what you need), but it does keep your work professional, private and efficient.

Number 3 is an extension of number 4, but still separate: Number 3: Having a designated workspace helps keeps a “work/life” balance. Please don’t get caught up on the word balance, it’s more about keeping areas separate enough. Especially if you work from home in any capacity, the importance of having a designated area (and if possible sperate area) can’t be emphasized enough. Having the tools you need, in one spot for when you’re ready to sit and work helps to make the distinction - not only for you but also for your family – where and when “work time” is.

Number 2: I talk about this one a lot, but visual clarity. Everything that you see visually speaks to you mentally. The more chaos that’s happening around you that you see – translates into mental chaos. When you have a designated workspace where you have some control over what’s happening around you and you can keep your workspace organized, you have visual clarity which translates to mental clarity. That’s a springboard into productivity, creativity, positivity….

And the Number 1 reason why your where matters is: your mindset. The flip of the switch that happens. The shift of “I’m at work”. A dedicated area that you step into with a new energy. Having a quiet area where you can focus and have a routine. And then just as important - you can shut down and leave at the end of the day. You know and your family knows where your workspace is and when you’re there – it’s work time.

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