The Great Office Cleanup

2024 office organization productivity Mar 03, 2024
Clean desk with laptop and window in office

Get ready to hit the refresh button with the great office cleanup! It’s almost springtime and that can bring up thoughts of spring cleaning. But really this is true no matter what time of the year we’re in. Cleaning up our office space has HUGE benefits and some of them may surprise you.

Most of us know that cleaning our office space reduces stress, projects a professional image, and can boost our mood. While most of us drag our feet when we hear “Office Cleanup”, I’m going to do my best to change your mind. There are deeper reasons for us to clean up our offices. 

Increase our productivity and Enhance our creativity: A clean and organized space can help improve our focus, concentration as well as stimulate creativity and innovation. When our office is clutter-free, you can locate things more easily, reducing the time wasted searching for documents and  allows our minds to focus on tasks at hand rather than being distracted by the chaos of a messy environment. 

Optimize our space: When we take time to spring clean, it provides an opportunity to take a second look at our office layout and evaluate if maybe a change is in order. Considering a more functional layout, can not only lead to a more efficient space it can also give us a more creative outlook and a refresh.

Stop the “cycle”: I often talk about how visual clutter creates mental clutter. The more dis-order, chaos, dis-organization (whatever we choose to call it) we see around us and operate in each day, the more mental confusion builds. The more clutter we see around us the more  overstimulated we become. It makes it more and more difficult to focus and can actually cause stress and decision fatigue. 

Decision fatigue is a very real thing. The constant need to make choices can wear us down. This can also create a sense of overwhelm, making it really hard to set goals and prioritize tasks. 

Doing a regular cleaning of our offices, regardless of the time of year, is super beneficial. It doesn’t need to be an “all in, empty all the drawers, wipe down all the surfaces, vacuum the carpets in one weekend” kind of cleaning. I actually recommend taking your time with it and spreading out the Great Office Cleanup over a month. Breaking up our offices into smaller areas and stretching out each area over a week (think a few minutes each day rather than all at once) makes tasks easier to conquer. We can take our time so we’re not overwhelmed, we can make the space our own, and hopefully not hate the task as much. 

Make the Great Office Cleanup your own. Add some fun music, block some time into your day so there are no excuses, have someone help out if that makes the cleanup more fun. If you’re ready to get cleaning, I have a schedule for you that will help break down the cleanup over 31 days. You can get your copy here.

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