It's Email time!

2023 office organization virtualofficeadvantage Dec 22, 2022

This is the time of year where the work days seem to feel slower. As the holidays get close many start to take vacation and things at work get a little quiet. But now is the time to take the opportunity to go through emails. By taking as little as 30 minutes, you can accomplish so much. Set a timer if you'd like (to stick with the time limit you've set for yourself), open you inbox and sort by "From" who the email is from). Hopefully what you'll begin to see is 1. who the bulk of your daily emails come from, 2. where you are in your workflow, and 3. the amount of "junk mail" you can delete without even opening. Starting at the top of your list, work your way through the emails. For this exercise, try not to open the emails and get lost in the words. Instead make quiet and decisive action. There are 3 moves to make at this point: 1. Make a file on the left hand banner of your inbox, name it what is obvious to you what is in the file. You can have many, many files here, so make it easy on yourself later and separate out as much as you can. 2. Leave only the latest email that requires your attention LATER (don't get caught in the weeds here, keep going). 3. For those groups of emails that you no longer need, open one and immediately Unsubscribe from receiving additional "junk mail", then highlight the full group from the sender and DELETE. Work your way through your emails until you either run out of emails, or your timer ends. You'll be so glad you did this for yourself!

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