Is your schedule FULL or BUSY?

2024 businesstips productivity Jan 21, 2024
Phone with calendar and words

If you're anything like my family, one the questions we ask each other each morning is "Do you have a busy day today?" Busyness is commonplace today. If we aren't in a state of busyness, we can almost feel like something is wrong.

Any of these words sound familiar? Busy, busy, busy. Side Hustle, Hustle. Swamped. Hectic.  When you say these words out loud, how do they feel? Most people will say that, at first, it feels good. Like they are valuable and trusted. But, the more they slow down and slowly say these words out loud, the more a sense of heaviness sets in.

Being "busy" isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, I would ask you to reframe both the way you go into your day and the words you use. Going from day to day and saying "I'm busy today", "I was swamped today", "I have to hustle" can be mentally exhausting. "Busy" and other similar words give the idea that you don't have control over your time.

Let's try something different. Let's reframe a few things. When we start to reframe our days, an internal shift happens. There is a feeling of more and a sense of purpose and thoughtfulness. When you look at your calendar for the upcoming days, be intentional with your time. Fill your time with those tasks that will move you forward, fill you up, leave room for creativity... Time blocking will help with this task. 

Shifting from "I had a busy, busy, busy day" to "I had a full day", may take a little time. Give yourself grace and you'll get there. A little mind shift with these words can go a long way. "I had a full day" has a feeling of control and confidence. Be intentional with where you allow your time to go and who gets your attention. This confidence and intentionality will transfer through to your work, your clients, and (most importantly) your family.