Creating Space for More...

office organization virtualofficeadvantage Nov 07, 2022

When you hear the words "create" or "more" how you feel? Do your muscles tighten? Does your breathing get shallow? Does your mind wander? Relax, take a deep breath and stick with me for a few minutes.

Business owners usually start businesses because they want more time and freedom to do what they enjoy, and to be more in control of what they do from day to day. To some degree this remains true as the business grows, but with more growth comes more responsibility - and less of that time & freedom the business was meant to create.

"I can't possibly take on anything more!", "I can't keep track of what I need to do now!", "I'm not an organized person." You may be feeling those things right now.  Take another deep breath and hear me out...

Creating more can actually be very calming and therapeutic when we talk about the action that results in space for more creativity and more time for family. When you look past perfection (it's not achievable anyway) and instead look to simple tasks that become daily habits, amazing things happen. Quick decisive actions can really give you quick wins. Small steps like putting away pens and clearing space on your desk at the end of the day not only gets you organized, but you start to gain confidence and it will show in your productivity.

I'd love to share more quick steps with you to create space for more. Get it here now: