Simple is So Good

Jun 07, 2024

Simple processes often prove to be the most effective. I love simple and often times "low tech" solutions.  They are actually super powerful. Let me tell you what I mean.

Simple processes are easier to understand.

Simple processes can often be executed more quickly and with less effort.

Simplicity can make it easier to modify as needed.

When things change, it's easier to identify the issues that you'd like to change when processes are simple. 

Simple processes are so much easier to perform consistently.

Simplifying a process can make it more adaptable to changes. 

Simple processes take fewer steps and is often lower cost.

Simplicity reduces the learning curve of the process. 

When you're looking for a course, for a new technology, for a coach, whatever the case may be - consider simplicity. Simplicity can lead to better outcomes and greater satisfaction. 

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