Get Ready to Shake Your Sparklers!

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It may not be Springtime, but there is nothing saying you can't get some Freedom and Independence from the clutter in your work space (see what we did there :) ). 

There is a cycle to your workspace as with most everything:

At the beginning of a new calendar year, we prep for the new year. We organize, get new calendars and ready ourselves mentally for a fantastic new year! 

The next thing we know it's springtime and it seems like the natural time to pause and do some spring cleaning. We may clean off our desks, get out the Windex and physically clean our desk, and then get the "urge to purge" our paperwork into the trash and shredder.

Then we hit summer time. It has a more relaxed feel and we can find ourselves slacking a bit when it comes to the organization and the speediness of cleaning up or tidying up our workspaces. Don't get me wrong, it's easy to want to walk away from our desks as soon as we're done working for the day and leave it "for another day". 

The Fall brings back to school. We can replenish our office supplies, our schedules may clear up a bit as kiddos go back to school, and we breathe take a deep breath as we dig in to hit our end of the year goals. 

Cyclical, right? While summertime can be a little slower going, it can also be a little chaotic (depending upon the stage of life you're in). Use this time as a great reminder to take some time here and there to take action on your space. The little efforts you make add up to a significant impact on your work space. Whether it’s decluttering your desk, shredding some old paperwork, or doing a digital detox, taking small actionable steps consistently will get you to an efficient and productive workspace. It’s all about PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION! 

Progress not perfection. Progress not perfection. This is true all of the time, but this is your reminder for this time of the year. Small steps. Progress not perfection. I encourage you to look at all the areas of your workspace. What could use a little help to get back on track, add to, or maybe begin to take you strong into the last half of the year. 

As we head into July, I would encourage you to take our 31 day challenge. Before you tune out, let me assure you that this is all about small, actionable steps. Progress not perfection. Use this as a spring board into the last half of the year. Think of this as a pause and reset.  Maybe adopt a new saying. A new feeling. Some fun and energetic to use as you work through the challenge. Mine is going to be "Get ready to shake your sparklers!" 

I’m here cheering you on and celebrating your efforts! I’d love for you to share any pictures or wins with me.  The link to the 31 Day Challenge is:

Continuing to cheer you on and get ready to shake your sparklers!


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