My favorite way to keep my Four legged Co-workers occupied

2024 businesstips office organization productivity virtualofficeadvantage Apr 21, 2024

It's no secret that I love animals and actually have 3 indoor four-legged co-workers. Two of them have a bed on my desk and actually understand the "Let's go to work" request. They follow me into my home office and take their place at their workstations - a comfy bed that looks out a large window into our backyard. They can nap in the sun or follow the birds, turkey, butterflies, and insects that hang out in our yard. 

The other four-legged colleague I have is a two year old Labrador. She's a great companion and reminds me to take regular breaks away from the screen. However, about mid-day she also gets antsy and needs some activity.

For those of us who have four-legged colleagues I wanted to share my best new found tip that keeps them all occupied. If you haven't heard of Cat TV, check it out. Cat TV are videos specifically designed to entertain cats (but works GREAT for dogs as well!). These videos typically feature footage of birds, mice, squirrels and fish that capture their attention and stimulate their natural hunting instincts. 

For my hunting dog, the birds and squirrels are a huge hit. The footage of birds chirping, flying, and hopping around mesmerize her. The squirrels move around on screen and mimic those she sees every day in our yard. 

My go to can be found on YouTube, but a quick search can land you a video that your furry friend would love. I don't advocate leaving the video on for very long during the day. It's meant to stimulate their interest while I'm on a Zoom meeting or phone call where I need their interest somewhere other than me. For instance, when I Coach it's mid-day for 1 hour about once per week. They all have other toys, chew bones, and each other of course for entertainment, this is only one supplement that helps in time where something new can be introduced.

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