Who Is The Hagan Solution For?

Home Based Businesses

Home based businesses face special challenges.  We believe organization does not need to be one of them. The Solution shows business owners, or those who may work for larger companies that work from their home offices, how to organize their paperwork from where they are right now.  You will work your way through those organizational challenges while actively setting yourself up for success!

Small Offices

Smaller offices with two or more employees benefit by having work stations that are organized so each employee can quickly locate paperwork their colleague may have.  Whether an office is cross-training their employees or employees need a form at their colleagues' work station, this is The Solution.


Keep everything organized and easy to locate.  Birthday cards, permission slips, health forms, school supply lists  and beyond.  The Solution keep everyone on track and organized no mater the size of the family, the schedule they keep or the needs they have.


For use in your classroom, easily transferred home and stored for the summer.  The Solution keeps lists, handouts, notes and all your classroom needs handy on the day you need them.  The Solution is also organized to make refilling your classroom needs a snap.  


Do I need to buy a special version of The Solution for my industry?

No you will not need a special version. As you begin The Solution, we instruct everyone to start with the same set up.  It is important that you understand and are comfortable with how The Solution works.  You can then tailor The Solution to your needs upon completion of the lessons.

What if I have a quick question specific to my needs?

Upon purchasing The Solution you have access to a virtual tutor to ask those specific questions of.  My team will give you one on one instruction on the specific question you may have.

Can I customize The Solution?

Yes, The Solution can easily be tailored to your needs and your industry as you become comfortable with how The Solution works and as your needs change.

Can I use The Solution for personal use?

Absolutely!  The Solution can be used for your personal or business needs.

I have a home based business.  Can I use The Solution for both personal and business needs?

The Solution is perfect for combining business and personal needs.  In fact, I use The Solution everyday for both business and personal.

Can I use The Solution for various clients?  I struggle keeping up with all the pieces.

Yes!  In fact, that is exactly what I will show you how to do in the e-book and videos.  That is why I use The Solution, to keep all our client work together on the day I want to work on them.  

The Hagan Solution E-book PLUS the Done-For-You Kit:

The Hagan Solution E-book is an E-book in PDF format, contains video tutorials, printable worksheets and access to a Virtual Tutor.  This option comes with The Hagan Solution file box and pre-labeled, color coded hanging files. 

The Hagan Solution E-book:

The Hagan Solution E-book is an E-book in PDF format, contains video tutorials, printable worksheets and access to a Virtual Tutor.


Welcome to The Hagan Solution!

I’m Tiffny Hagan, creator of the Hagan Solution. Micro-business owners face some tough challenges when it comes to their office organization. With a small handful of employees (or just the owner), tasked with multiple duties these organizational challenges could be aided by having an Administrative Assistant by your side. 

The Hagan Solution is written and taught by a seasoned professional Administrative Assistant.  Virtual Office Advantage was founded in 2003 to assist other micro-business owners focus on the reason they started their businesses by offering Administrative, Technical, and now Educational services.

This very Solution is used every day in our business and family to stay organized and focused.  I have used it in my daily corporate jobs, taught it to clients for use in their businesses and have used it to contain all the pieces needed for my client work. Over the course of 20 years, we have honed The Solution for you. 

The Hagan Solution is a 5 Lesson e-course that is designed to take 25-30 minutes per day for 5 days allowing you to learn while you implement. With the Solution you will receive:

The written e-book containing 30 pages of content that walks you through step by step the 5 lessons, 

  1. Video tutorials by me that help instill the written lessons. These lessons are taught through the eyes and the experience of a Virtual Administrative Assistant to give you clear direction to implement The Solution quickly and effectively,
  2. Downloadable and printable worksheets,
  3. As well as access to a virtual tutor. 

You also have the option to add on a Done-For-Your Kit, to make the process even easier and more complete.   This is a pre-assembled kit containing all the supplies you need for The Solution.

The Solution is for anyone who is searching for the answer to the question: “HOW CAN I BRING CALM TO MY CHAOS?!"   Those Micro-business owners and work from home parents, the home based businesses and small offices with multiple employees can all benefit from The Solution.

This is not another organizational system you buy off the shelf. This is The Solution to your daily organizational challenges!  Whatever it was that got you to this point, we are here to help you restore order to your office. I will walk you through step by step using both written instruction and video how to implement The Solution. You will also have access to a virtual tutor that will answer specific questions you may have. You need only a few common office supplies and you are on your way to taking back your time and your office. 

There is no time like the present. The sooner you get started the sooner you can bring calm to your chaos.  You can download The Hagan Solution today and begin working as soon as you’d like. If you have it your breaking point, download The Hagan Solution right now and let’s get started! 

Welcome to The Hagan Solution!   

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